Giving! Your favorite subject, right? Why give to CrossRoads? Your giving supports ministries to preschoolers, children, preteens, teens, and adults. Because of you we have an environment that enchances worship. Because of you people are fed, supported in times of crisis, and connected to other believers. Because of you marriages are saved and families strengthened. And most importantly, giving is an act of obedience and worship which the Lord blesses in return.

Why give online? We are quickly moving to a cashless society, and passing a credit card machine down the aisles does not seem very conductive to worship! Your decision to give is between you and the Lord, and is an act of worship whether it occurs in the church building or at home in your kitchen. Worship must never be confined to a building!  

Thank you for your faithfulness. Together, empowered by and led by the Lord, we are working to make this a better world!

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