CrossRoads Hike & Bike Trails

In partnership with Midwest Trail Builders Coalition, we have a series of hiking and mountain biking trails on the outlying wooded church grounds. Ranging in difficulty from blue square (intermediate) to black diamond (expert/very difficult), the trail network contains several options for riders and hikers to enjoy. The trails are free and open to public use.

A couple of things to note if you will be enjoying the trails: 

  • Some are still under construction. This may mean building materials are placed near the trail or sections of the trail may be closed. Scout trails before riding them.
  • Rider safety is important. Wear your helmet. Additional protective equipment is recommended on the downhill trails.
  • Trail mapping is coming soon at the trail head sign, however some of the trails are currently signed with the name of the trail and directional arrows throughout.

Below are current trail descriptions and difficulty levels. Check back for updated information as it is available.

  • “Expresso” is the first trail starting at the trail head by the church and is a blue square (intermediate) trail. It is well signed and can be hiked/biked by itself or connected with “Tangled”. It also is the trail that reconnects to the trail head.
  • “Tangled” is also a blue square (intermediate) trail and begins next to the shed in the back of the open field. This trail has two small table top jumps at the very beginning that can he ridden around if needed. This trail is well signed also. It can be looped and returned back to the trail head via “Expresso”, or you can take “Stovepipe” on out further.
  • “Stovepipe” is the trail that gets you to “The Summit” and also on around to “Firebox”. It is a blue square (intermediate) trail. Signage is partial at this time, but it is good until you get to “The Summit” as we have added to this trail to avoid two way traffic. If you follow the direction from the beginning of this trail and stay far left around “The Summit” and left across the bridge into “Firebox” at the bottom of the hill it will return you back to “Tangled”.
  • “Firebox” finishes the outer loop. This trail is blue square (intermediate) trail that ends at “Tangled”. This trail does have three large table top jumps, but they can all be ridden over slowly or around if needed.
  • “The Summit” is the point from which all four downhill only trails begin. Do not ride uphill on any of these four trails! Riders will descend at high speeds. There are four separate trails here:
    1. De-vine
    2. Drop Me Off
    3. Tree Hugger
    4. Mom Zone
    All four of these are black diamond (expert/very difficult) trails! That means they are very difficult to bike with medium size jumps, berms, sharp corners, rock features, and multiple drops. DO NOT take any of these lines without scouting them or riding them slowly first. They are very progressive for our area and are are more difficult than most local riders are accustomed to. DO NOT ride beyond your ability! 
Visit the CrossRoads Hike and Bike Park Facebook page for updates, photos, and other information on the trail.