Life Groups

We are all about God. We are all about relationships. This is what Jesus was talking about when He said the most important law in life is to love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Get right with God. Get close to others. In a nutshell, that’s a good plan. CrossRoads’ Life Group Ministry is one of the best ways to mature in faith and relationships. Life groups are how we minister to one another.

These are groups of about 10-12 adults that meet weekly or every-other week, mostly in homes. Each group fulfills the five biblical purposes of a church: Fellowship, Worship, Ministry, Maturity and Outreach. Take a warm atmosphere, add a good measure of acceptance and trust, and you have a recipe for great friendships. Life groups are wonderful for ministry. The group members take care of each other. 

The pastors of CrossRoads are not the primary ministers, you are. The pastors train, inspire and equip the people to minister to one another. Life groups are the primary place where ministry takes place. The pastors are available for extreme crises, but most of our needs will be met by one another, just as the Bible instructs. Friends who will help you grow closer to God. Friends who will be there for you. 

You can’t be “best friends” with everyone. There’s just so much of “you” to go around. When it comes to friendships, we have a motto: “We want you to feel welcomed by all, friends with many, and close to a few.” Life groups are good for learning. Life groups determine for themselves how long they want to spend on Bible study. If the group needs more time, that is not a problem. It is a great learning environment. If you would like to find a life group, let us know at

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